Furnish and install:

  • Wood and plastic laminate casework

  • Plastic laminate, solid surface, and stone countertops

  • Millwork

  • Specialties: toilet accessories and toilet partitions

Sample Project

99 Summer Street Lobby

Boston, MA

Scope: This project includes millwork for front/back counters of the grab-and-go cafe. There’s a wood back wall with wood wrapped soffit & metal walls panels. This also includes millwork for the security desk, stadium seating, painted wall panels, banquette seating & enclosures wrapped with metal/fabric acoustic panels & quartz vanity tops. A media enclosure is wrapped with metal/acoustical panels & there’s a directory wall.


Project Description:

This project included a full lobby renovation in the heart of Financial District in Boston. The property underwent a major makeover, including a complete renovation of the building’s lobby and mezzanine level. This included an Italian grab-and-go café and an upgraded security desk with new security turnstiles.

Sample Project

Noble and Greenough School

Academic Center and Putnam Library

Scope: New wood bookcases, work stations, and seating benches throughout, wood slats at the storefront and circulation desk.


Project Description

This includes two concurrent building projects: a major renovation of the Baker Science Building and the construction of an Academic Inquiry Center. The new 21,400 sf Academic Inquiry Center was constructed on a new site within the busy campus. It includes the new 10,000 sf Putnam Library, a reading room, quiet study/large meeting room, a glassroom, a rare books storage room, five small meeting rooms (with A/V equipment), four new classrooms, two innovation classrooms, and four faculty o-ce spaces.